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DevOps Benefits

The competitive advantage this capability creates is enormous, enabling faster features time to market, increased satisfaction, market share, employee productivity and happiness, as well as allowing an organization to win in the marketplace. Why? Because technology has become the dominant value creation process and increasingly important means of customer acquisition within most organizations.

In contrast, an organization that requires weeks or months to deploy software are at a significant disadvantage in the marketplace.

How they use DevOps

Company Deploy Frequency Deploy Lead Time Reliability Customer Responsiveness
Amazone 23,000 / day minutes high high
Google 5,500 / day minutes high high
Netflix 500 / day minutes high high
Facebook 1 / day hours high high
Twitter 3 / week hours high high
Typical Enterprise once every 9 months months or quarters low / medium low / medium

One of the hallmarks of high-performers in any field is that they always “accelerate from the rest of the herd.” In other words, the best always get better.

This constant and relentless improvement in performance is happening in the DevOps space, too. In 2009, ten deploys per day were considered fast. Now that is considered merely average. In 2012 Amazon went on record stating that they were doing, on average, 23,000 deploys per day.

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