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Google just announced Android Version O in Google IO 2017. There are lots of new cool things are introduced. Android O will help developers to improve apps in terms of UXD, Performance, and in many more areas.

Android Version O | Glimpses

1. Notifications

Android O has completely new and Improved notification system. This helps to improve the user experience really good. Users can configure following settings related to Android notifications,

  1. Importance
  2. Sound
  3. Lights
  4. Vibration
  5. Show on lock screen
  6. Override do not disturb

2. Autofill Framework 

Autofill service has been introduced in Android O. This service will drastically reduce time to fill up contents in Android applications. So that now we don’t have to fill the form again and again. So from now on no input errors, no validation errors.

And the best thing is it is all configurable and secured with permissions.

3. Picture-in-Picture mode

Whenever the user interacts with new activity, he can easily switch back to his last activity. So If the user wants to interact with his recent activity he can directly tap and keep continue from where he left. As soon as a user create new activity recent activity will me removed and replaced by new activity he just created.

Picture in Picture mode in Android Version O

Picture in Picture mode in Android Version O

4. JobSchedular and Firebase job dispatcher | Best improvement in Android Version O

Those apps who wants to do some background task now can do background work without draining user batter. Android O is purely utilizing the Doze mode.Android O now strongly restricts the apps by Android background location limits. No longer applications now fetch user location continuously.The app must have to define special permission in the manifest file and also show the foreground notification to the user for that.

5. Auto resizing and downloadables font.
Now the developer can give a seamless experience to the user throughout the app and can use a variety of fonts which is available on Google API.

6. Security, Privacy, and Logging of Uncaught Exceptions

Each application will now run on its own secure Linux kernel sandbox.For the purpose of user privacy, ANDROID ID now linked to per-app instead of per-user and its also does not change on package uninstall or reinstall.



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