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Scrum Master is a facilitator for the team in the Agile development and also is responsible for all over the operational execution of development. Scrum is methodology which allows the team to develop in terms of Agile and adopt changes is frequently. Scrum helps the team to be organized with higher productivity and visibility.

Scrum Master is responsible for making sure about Agile values and Practice of Scrum is being followed. He often coaches the team and helps them to best and efficient work. He removes impediments to progress, facilitating meetings and doing things like working with a product owner to make sure product backlog is good and prioritized. Scrum master can be identified by following points,

  1. Collaboration with all roles, provide resources and remove issues for the team. Make development process smoother and execute process as per plan.
  2. Protects team from external or internal factors which may affect productivity
  3. He is not a typical manager, he is a servant leader.



  1. Daily Scrum meetings
  2. Sprint Planning meetings
  3. Sprint Review meetings
  4. Sprint Retrospective meetings


  1. Coaching team members
  2. Help team to make decisions


  1. Reflecting Agile and Scrum values to team
  2. Reflecting issue and improvements
  3. Asking open questions

Skills of Scrum Master

  1. Technical understanding
  2. Business values understanding
  3. Great team player
  4. Motivating and Coaching team
  5. Problem Solver


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