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He is lives in the cynical world where everyone is running after something and everyone is trying to reach there as fast as possible. He only thinks about how to achieve the goal. For him what matters is just productivity. He never gives up, He learns from his mistakes. He is willing to change the world. He can give up everything but his GOAL. Because he is aware of the consequences and he wants to survive in this war of competition.

Well, I just explain a little part of entrepreneurs. I think the 21st century is the era of entrepreneurs, whoever is survived, they can ruling now. Every day one entrepreneur arise and try to make a change and try to achieve his goal. But only 10 % of them can achieve it. Rest of them will try again and willing to be part of 10 %. But it is damn difficult.

There could be thousands of reasons to get failed but – Productivity is one of the most important parameters to get success. Of course, it is pretty obvious that without productivity nothing is possible. But the Question is:

How to measure Productivity?

Everyone is shouting about productivity today. Big organizations are firing employees who are non-productive and still trying to improve efficiencies to ultimately they can improve productivity. So the actual Goal is to improve productivity. I asked so many people that,

What is productivity for you?

Some people said that we can measure productivity by measuring input and output. For example, calculate the amount of money and time invested and calculate the output we get.  Based on that we can define some productivity. So to increase productivity, we should reduce time and money to be invested and increase the outcome or deliverables. More output that means more productivity. This is the basic understanding of Productivity which is absolutely correct. But the measures are very complex, it is nearly impossible to fit this definition in a day to day life.

Define Productivity in terms of Goal

I think we can not define productivity before defining the goal. If the goal is not clear I can be productive. Delivering more features and achieving deadlines is not the goal. It is just a way to go towards your goal. Now the goal can be much bigger than just acquiring customers.

Most of the time, the goal is making money. Because ultimately everyone is here for the money. That is why we all are doing jobs.

So, I would say,

If the goal is to make money, then any action that moves us towards making money is productive. And an action that takes away from making money is non-productive.

If I am prioritizing my roadmap, I should always ask, whether this priority is going to increase my revenue or at least is this going to help me to increase revenue. If the answer is no then it even considering user story in the roadmap is non-productive work.

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