It's Tips Time

DevOps. A booming and convincing term buzzing IT industry today. Analysts forecast that DevOps will be billions of dollars or market will 19% growth rate till 2016 to 2020. It is sure that DevOps will change the era of software development If you know what is DevOps it time to list out what are benefits of DevOps and how tech giants are using DevOps.

DevOps Benefits

Technical Benefits 

  1. Easy and simple software delivery
  2. Less complex development
  3. Quality improvement
  4. Fast issue resolution
  5. Code stability and maintainable code using continues integration

Cultural Benefits 

  1. Confident feature delivery
  2. Higher employment engagement
  3. Happier team, Team transparency

Business Benefits 

  1. Fast product delivery
  2. Stability of product
  3. Traffic and user behavior forecasting by monitoring application
  4. More visibility in designing product roadmap
  5. Communication and collaboration improvements
  6. Possible to decide Decide as late as possible

Product Benefits 

  1. Stability
  2. Effectiveness
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